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The product name: SRP8000
Launch date:2021-12-25
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Simoco battery for SRP8000 SRP8010 SRP8020 SRP8030 SRP8031 SRP9000 SRP9120 radio

Battery ModelSRP8000
Fit for equipmentSimoco SRP-8000 Simoco SRP-8030 Simoco SRP-9100
Simoco SRP-8010 Simoco SRP-8031 Simoco SRP-9120
Simoco SRP-8020 Simoco SRP-9000 Simoco SRP-9130
Battery ChemistryNi-MH
Cell capacity 2000mAh
Battery voltage7.2V
Size of the battery14cm * 6cm * 2cm
quantity of standard box 50
Net weight of the battery0.2KGS

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